The Your Niagara Home Team believes in using Christ’s instruction of loving your neighbour in all aspects of life, including into their work life. The team will use that theme throughout their business model with community events, giveaways, and sharing thoughts and ideas through social media and blog posts on how you can join them in their quest to follow #YNHLoveYourNeighbour

Buy Your Niagara Home

Whether it is your first time purchasing a home or your tenth, there is always something daunting about it. As we are reminded daily, a home purchase is usually the largest financial transaction someone will make in their lifetime. We are committed to ensuring the homebuying process is as clear and straight forward as possible. Beginning with a preliminary meeting, we will guide and assist you every step through and even beyond the closing date. Our clients having all the knowledge and data they need to make a wise decision is vital. In the end, happy people in great homes is our goal!

Sell Your Niagara Home

Marketing real estate in today’s world is a process that though consistently changing, remains consistent. It comes down to 3 key things; Presentation, Exposure and Pricing. (PEP). Technology may create new and exciting ways to present a property, or guarantee maximum exposure, but pricing is still the key. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of available tools to give your property the best presentation and exposure possible. Our knowledge and experience gives us the skills we need to ensure your home is priced correctly. Working together with you, we will follow a proven path from listing to sale.

Invest Your Niagara Home

Many people see real estate as an attractive investment opportunity. Some will speculate on land, and hope that over time, the value will increase significantly. Others will invest in commercial ventures, such as a strip mall or office building. The most common and accessible real estate investment is a residential home, or a multi-family home.

In Niagara, the vacancy rate for residential rental properties is very low. If you advertise that you have a home for rent, you will often get a flurry of potential tenants replying with urgency. This is true for detached, semi-detached, townhouses, duplexes, triplexes, apartment buildings and student residences alike.

The Your Niagara Home team has in-depth knowledge of the investment property market in Niagara. The first step is to meet and discuss what type of investment you are hoping to make. You may be looking to own a single rental property, or add to an existing portfolio. No matter which direction you are aiming for, allow us to assist you in finding the right property, in the right neighbourhood.

Of course, if you are buying investment property, you may also be interested in our PROPERTY MANAGEMENT services.